Core values

Code of Conduct

We, the management and staff of Ltd are committed to the values set out in the Code of Conduct. We are committed to create the right conditions for our employees, suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the Code of Conduct and to achieve the objectives set out in the Code of Conduct in their daily work, which will provide the best possible conditions for their daily work.

Updated 03.01.2022.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to create a common ground for the management and employees of Ltd. and to support the values and principles contained therein, and to make clear to our clients that they are being observed and adhered to.


Our behaviour towards our customers, our staff, our suppliers and society as a whole is impeccable. We only make promises we can keep and refrain from giving misleading or false information. We are aware of our clients’ resources and capabilities and our offers are always tailored accordingly. We know and acknowledge the importance of the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, which we comply with in all circumstances We engage in a constructive, transparent and professional dialogue with our clients.

Our values

It’s all about teamwork between principal and agent. Partnerships work effectively in small and large, across business brands and borders, thanks to the combination of our strengths, knowledge and ideas. In our dialogue with our current or future clients, we actively listen to their expectations so that we can meet them again and again during project implementation. Trust is also essential for good cooperation, which requires transparency and a sense of responsibility on the part of those involved. We build a long-term business relationship, so our clients can count on us to deliver the best possible solution for the tasks they assign to us, in every respect.
Given that our aim is always long-term cooperation, for us a job half done is not a job done. We only deliver quality work that our partners are completely satisfied with. Constantly adapting to market changes is an exhausting task, but the flexibility to adapt is a basic requirement for all our colleagues. Our partners trust us to do nothing less than keep their business running. We never forget that our success depends on the satisfaction of our clients, so we strive not just to earn their trust, but to reaffirm it time and time again.

Law and standards of conduct Ltd. complies with applicable laws and other applicable domestic and foreign regulations and is committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. What is most important for us:

  • taking responsibility
  • quality
  • commitment
  • innovation


Our services are designed to meet the needs and expectations expressed by our clients.
We meet market needs through close customer relationships, professionalism, innovation and fair prices. We share information and experience openly
with clients and ensure the necessary level of confidentiality and discretion. The
the Ltd. convinces its business partners with the price, quality of its services and its competence. We build on the performance and competences of our staff, supporting their personal development and providing them with the right information and working conditions. To ensure the quality
and cost-effectiveness of our services, we build on the experience and capacity of our specifically selected suppliers and subcontractors and their employees. We keep company and trade secrets confidential. This also applies to all other information that Kft., its contractual partners and customers have an interest in keeping confidential. Confidentiality shall remain after the termination of the employment relationship or other contractual relationship.

Competences of our staff

The professionalism of our staff is the foundation of our success, and we know that we need to ensure their personal and professional development. Behaving impeccably with each other not only guarantees good communication between us and the quality of our corporate culture, but also affects our corporate image and our ambition to be demanding.

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