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About us

Dynamic team, satisfied customers

“No one ever gets far unless he or she accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.” (Elbert Hubbard)

We work on a wide range of tasks of all scales and complexity. Perhaps the secret of our success and the main reason for our customers’ satisfaction is that no matter what is the IT problem, we not only find a solution, but we solve it in the shortest possible time. ”

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Exis.hu has been serving its customers for 14 years, providing a stable background and efficient support. Currently we manage nearly 2000 computers of about 30 companies. The majority of our clients are SMBs (Super Channel, AdexGo Ltd., Creditforte Ltd.), but we also work with large multinationals (B2Holding cPlc, CyberJump) and state-owned non-profit organisations (OMSZI Non-profit Ltd., DMREK), as well as working outside Hungary. As such, we can both propose and implement solutions for large enterprise system environments, and we are also ready to help you find cost-effective solutions for small businesses.
We work in Hungarian and English, we work with our partners as a kind of external IT division, but we can also provide permanent outsourced staff if required.

If you are interested in the possibility of entrusting the specific and future tasks to the expertise of a contracted IT team, we would welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves in person to discuss specific tasks and ideas.



Sokoldalúságunk és megoldás-orientált szemléletünk biztosítja, hogy a ránk bízott feladatot a lehető legjobb kezekben tudhassa


Tóth Balázs

Szakmai igazgató, ügyvezető


Antal László

üzletfejlesztési igazgató

Balázs Ágnes

pénzügyi vezető

Juhász Tamás

Senior rendszergazda

Tóth Adrienne


Egri Levente

Senior rendszergazda

Márk György

Senior adatbázis adminisztrátor

Szabó Ferenc

műveleti szakértő

We have earned the trust of 30 companies


Completed projects

Infrastructure building, consultancy, specific tasks


Active partner

Constant growth and new contracts


Managed devices

Continuous capacity planning and optimisation


Professional IT specialists

Internship programme and continuous training