Our expertise

Softwares and systems

ERP, CRM, Intranet, cloud solutions, configuration of local and internet networks, router and wifi setup, integration of servers and workstations


Procurement and operation of printers, scanners, smart TVs, presentation devices, digital equipment, continuous replacement of consumable parts

Permanent staff member

Optionally, we can provide a permanent staff member on secondment, but we can also maintain the home infrastructure of our ...

Home office

Creating and supporting remote working conditions, developing GDPR-compliant data processing and processing systems


Diagnosis of equipment faults, fault diagnosis and general repairs, virus and spyware removal, warranty management, replacement equipment on request

Network design

Consultancy from a business point of view, careful network design, physical deployment, installation, commissioning, system design

We have earned the trust of 30+ companies


We offer an experienced IT team and helpful customer service

"No one ever gets far unless he or she accomplishes the impossible at least once a day." (Elbert Hubbard)

  • First steps
  • On-site survey
  • Financial planning
  • New ideas
  • Business partners
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How does cooperation start?

Trust is the cornerstone of a well-functioning relationship, which is why the first face-to-face meeting is so important. In many cases, we have found that our clients' initial distrust disappeared as soon as they connected "faces" to our company and knew who to call when they needed help, or who, by thinking together, could solve problems that were not so difficult or unattainable.

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On the right track to successful cooperation

Of course, the personal meeting also has another very important role: to assess needs. We listen to your plans and expectations and start working accordingly. Setting expectations is always a key point - because most people know exactly what they want and how much money they have. At the same time, successful cooperation often brings with it additional tasks, ideas and plans, which are always treated as new challenges and opportunities.

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Transparent cost plan

We are aware that the budget depends not only on the task and its complexity, but also on the type and size of the company. Accordingly, we know that we must not only be able to deliver the solution in the shortest possible time, but also do so in a cost-effective way. Financial planning ensures that you always have a clear idea of the financial expenditure you can expect, so we can be flexible to give you exactly what you want and for what you pay. If expectations are not realistic, we will offer an appropriate alternative so that cooperation will be truly positive for everyone.

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We know that the future is not paper-based.

Keeping up to date with the latest IT trends, office infrastructure, home office solutions, laptops, mobile phones, and with business partners... keeping up with all the IT developments that can help you is a complex task. But we don't see it as such, it is our creed.

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Business partners

If it's needed, we can help you find the best partner and supplier for any IT procurement. We do this in line with the quality expectations and within the budget.


System design – selecting servers, networks, PC workstations, printers based on requirements assessment; purchasing, configuration, parameterisation


Health check, software and hardware inventory, IT audit, network configuration, router and wifi setup, deleting temp files

Server management

Managing physical and virtualised systems, container virtualisation, Vmware, Kubernetes-based Linux and Windows Server environments

GDPR compliant data processing

Database operations, data cleaning, migration, onboarding & termination (onboarding and offboarding of colleagues, access levels, permissions)


Installation, configuration and maintenance of digital PBXs (IVR, dialer), synchronisation of devices used in parallel

Data protection

Virus protection, firewalls, business continuity, backups, system mirroring, cyber security, creating the conditions for secure operations risk mitigation & compliance